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  • Nitrous HP, PPH and other Calculations
    Nitrous HP, PPH and other Calculations

    Here we go! In this article I am going to group/provide all the nitrous knowledge I can for you. Some of this will be content stated by others online, a lot will be my own experience, and some may be new information to you. I hope you can learn something and if anything is missed send a message so we can learn as well. Thanks, Erik

    I will try to keep relative source files linked. I'm doing this fast so let me know of any errors.
    1)****Nitrous Usage****
    USE=(PPH/3.6)/1250*seconds used)
    PPH = Pound Per Hour
    1170 pph/3.6=325hp
    3)****Calculate Rough HP From Jet Size****
    HP=(Jet Diameter MM)^2*70
    0.062 jet in=1.5748 mm
    To convert to wheel hp apply your loss percentage, say 15% in this example would be 148hp to ground.

    This link can also be used for rough estimates on jetting. I have been using it for around 6 years now.
    4)****Setting Flowing Fuel Pressure****
    -If you have a stand alone fuel system you must set fuel psi with it flowing. Multiple ways to do this, we will try to cover them all.
    **Direct Port**
    I normally flow on a 72 jet on most direct port setups 1200pph and less.
    **Plate and Single Nozzle***
    I normally flow based on the fuel jet used in the application.
    5)****Flowing a Nitrous Side****

    -Flowing on 10 seconds the calculations are as follows. Say it used 4lbs of nitrous in 10 seconds.
    10 sec x 6 intervals = 1 minute
    6 intervals x 4lbs = 24lbs of n2o per min
    24lb per min x 60 min = 1440 pph
    1440pph/3.6 = 400hp of nitrous

    -Reference section 6 for the nitrous to fuel ratio.
    -Flowing nitrous side means to take nitrous and flow through your actual system to find out how much nitrous can pass through in a specified time, then converted to pph. This will show you exactly what hp and pph a nitrous jet will flow.
    -Some people flow for 5 seconds and convert to hours, some flow for 10. Mathematically there is no difference, in real life the difference depends on head room and bottle pressure. Starting with a full bottle may actually flow less over 10 seconds due to drop in head pressure. You may end up with more consistent pressure over the entire 10 seconds with a lower starting pressure and fill amount. I normally flow a big system 2lbs shy on a 15lb bottle at 850 or 900psi.
    6)****Nitrous Spreads, Ratios, and Calculations****
    Direct Port.....7:1

    Dry Direct Port...12:1


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